Wednesday, June 13, 2012

292 - more worldbuilding

Wrenn again ~

it’s yellowish because i suck at taking photos of things on flat surfaces.

apologies for the wonky anatomy on the bottom picture.

Near the top, she’s getting a piggy-back-ride from Amsel, the other main character of this hypothetical web-comic.

 As is usual, my style often warps in the direction of what manga/comic I’ve read recently. so … a touch of Bakuman eh? [Takeshi Obata] but not enough for it to look proportional and pretty haha. Sketchbook things

Monday, June 11, 2012

291 - worldbuilding things

this is Wrenn. She enjoys tinkering with little mechanical critters.

she’s one of the main characters for the web comic i’m trying to put together [i’m trying ; - ; ]

 i’ll upload a diff pic of her where her hair isn’t all upside down tomorrow or somethin. oh man i’m ridiculously happy with how her left hand was drawn out. that’s about it though. The rest could use work. Lots of it x - x

She's of both air and earth elements so she both a sniper/archer and she's a mechanic. Right here, in this preview sketch, she's just conversing with Amsel in her usual casual yet mildly sarcastic way of speaking. To her, the inner workings of the little automated creature she has on her stomach are pretty simple to understand. Amsel, a water element, unfortunately doesn't really understand mechanics and so Wrenn is getting a little frustrated and snarky trying to explain things to him.

290 - Faerin and the deer-person

Faerin and a yet un-named swordsman.
Part of the worldbuilding I've been doing.
all pen is good practice. Learn to work with mistakes and/or mask them.

289 - melancholy ramblings

text :
Leaves of
Petals of 
Blades of

It's just that
many things
are up in the air right now
just as you are
as you are

288 - the cafe sketches

It's calming to sit at cafes and draw people. And when the weather gets cold. The birds gather and fluff up their feathers and it's just all so lovely.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

287 - a work in progress - the cockatiel cheeked boy

To be honest I don't know where I'm going with this.

cockatiel cheeks
scratched arms
blurred eyes


hard chalk pastel on paper
As Kiefer had said before...

 "I cannot explain why I am here."   ...

we are not miracles
we are not special
we are a simple mistake of nature
and we can't live with this reality:
the reality that we were not born with a purpose
so we create illusions of purpose and meaning to survive
to live on

disillusionment is ...
something I both yearn for and fear.

maybe that's what my art is about

286 - burst

One of those times when you just can't help but laugh hysterically, almost sadly, at the current condition of things.
Is that really it?
Is it?

There's more right?

I don't really know.
I don't care.
Fuck this.

Monday, April 30, 2012

285 - Breathe in the night sky

Remember when we sat together 

and our lives burned behind us

Comet tails of misery and discontentment

Manifestations of our dreams


The truth of it was

When I was told that you were never shining 

And that it was only the reflection of a million suns

That you projected into my eyes to fool me,

I gave a solemn nod in confirmation that

Those were my sentiments exactly

So I sat down upon the highest tree tops to watch 

Oh, how brilliantly tragic it was to watch your spirit wander across the sky alone

As I lay here, deconstructing my earth, my heavens, my stars, my silence

My voice.

So long, my friend.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

284 - marionette progress

I'm making a marionette : ]  
here's what I've worked on tonight....
premo + sculpey + wire rings above the ears and on the bottom of the neck
I realise the neck isn't centered and that there are inconsistencies with the symmetry...
I fixed the neck after the photo was taken.

Monday, March 26, 2012

283 - humanoid

The humanoid creature was perched above the door as usual. I tried not to look. It mostly disappeared with the flip of a light switch. But, once the lights went out again, it walked, rather, limped over to my bedside. I stared into its face. It looked like a skull that someone had stretched a glistening membrane over. I shuddered.

It was usually faceless, but this close up, I saw a tear begin where its mouth should have been. In a split-second, its face tore open into a ghastly glasgow smile. Blood sprayed across my bedroom wall and I was frozen with fear. It screamed and then laughed as I reeled back in disgust and horror.

I want to try to capture this elusive creature with my art someday.

Maybe it'll give me some peace of mind then.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

282 - college decisions

UChicago - Accepted
UCLA - Accepted
Pomona - Accepted
Occidental - Accepted
UCD - Accepted
UCSD - Accepted
Cal Poly SLO - Accepted
Stanford - Rejected
Columbia - Waitlisted
Cal - Accepted

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

281 - do i have a lurker or something ....

It seems like all my old posts that I edited and republished suddenly got 'views...


Most of the things I edited.......... it was because there was just too much idiocy going on.

Too many emoticons and net-speak. yeah.

Currently not all sane.

Apologies for incoherence.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


clearly i am not yet all here

i made two posts titled 280


280 - serenity

a day's peace is all I ask for.

A moment's rest from this long journey.

Please. I am but a traveler, a wanderer ... seeking shelter from her own demons.

"you will never forget" still rings in my ears.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

278 - color studies?

I haven't practiced coloring in a long time. Starting again. Not satisfied with skin tones.
Focusing on recovery has thrown a delay into my web-comic plans but I'll do my best to have something up by the summer.... even if it's just detailed backgrounds and snippets of character descriptions that will be massive spoilers.

I am slightly concerned with how his red hair may be too reminiscent of Renji's from Bleach...